As a lot of teams are gearing up for registration and volunteer jobs, I wanted to send out a reminder about the ribbon changes this year.  Each team will get about the same amount of ribbons as last year depending on whether you had 3 or 4 home meets.  All teams will get 525 1st-5th place ribbons paid for by the league.    In previous years it was 450 or 600 of each.  You can order additional ribbons for extra places, participation, best times, etc as in previous years.  The difference this year is each team is responsible for providing all their own ribbons to their own team for each meet.  This will probably cut down on the number of ribbon people needed for a meet and possibly do away with them on some teams.  As some teams may run low on some of their colors as the season progresses, there will be a ribbon swap meet at the June EBSL meeting.  Teams can bring their ribbons and exchange with other teams for colors they need.  Ribbon orders are due to Shirley Harvey by the February EBSL meeting.  The ribbon order form was sent out earlier and is on the web site www.EBSL.orgI believe extra ribbons last year were 19 cents a piece.  

A couple of reminders:The EBSL meeting is Feb 26 at Marina Community Center at 7PM.  Charles Navarra will be sending out an agenda shortly.The first installment of EBSL fees are due ($2000 total, $1000 this month ($800 minimum))Ribbon orders are due to Shirley Harvey The order form can be found at www.ebsl.orgAll teams are responsible for their own ribbons this year at home and away meets.The EBSL will pay for the first 2625 ribbons per team